Micro Bikini

While the traditional two-piece already provides minimal coverage for the breasts and the buttocks, the micro bikini offers less. Using smaller pieces of fabric, this style of swimwear reveals the unspeakable beauty of female human anatomy.  From the introduction of the modern bikini in 1947 after French engineer Louis Reard invented it in 1946, beachwear has evolved into various styles and shapes, from the most modest to the most revealing ones. Part of the many beachwear innovations through the years is the micro.

The micro swimwear consists of small pieces of fabric held together by thin strings or straps. Like in other designs, this could effectively flaunt your body’s assets depending on your body type and on how you choose and “carry” it.

Tips on choosing your beachwear

1.  Determine your bikini size range with the use of your panty size as guide. Your swimwear size would most likely be the same as your average underwear or a little bit larger. Those who are shopping for a micro style for males can have more difficulty in choosing sizes, since the male crotch sizes are rather tricky. In which case, those made of stretchable synthetic fabrics would be advisable.

2.  By choosing to shop in a specialized bikini retailer, you can take advantage of the knowledge, expertise, and fashion sense of the staff, especially if it is your first time to buy a swimsuit. They could help you look for a good piece or let you mix and match.

3.  If you intend to buy online, go for websites that allow you to call the retailer in case you have questions or if you encounter problems. Shopping for bikinis online usually provides the convenience of not having to walk into a store to buy personally. Also, online sellers usually provide a wider range of styles, colors, and designs that you’d have fun choosing from.

4.  Choose the style that best suits your body type. Micro bathing suits come in a wide range of colors, prints, and designs. There are thong, V-string bikini styles, G-strings, and many others. Assess your body type and determine what style would best suit you. Also, opt for the color that works bests with your skin tone. You can ask the help of fashion experts or specialized bikini store staff members. Or simply read magazine articles about the best summer look and beachwear for the season. Remember that it is always good to be updated.